Meet the Mechanics

For a mechanic to be able to create, maintain, or repair anything, they need to have tools to work with. Each of our media mechanics have developed a unique set of tools which they use to provide the services that OMG offers. Below, you will find the services each media mechanic provides, as well as links to their toolboxes and professional websites for samples of the skills used to provide them (or as we like to say, “creatify”)!

::|| Oomph is the brainchild of Melody Stotler, although she could not have done it without Crystal Cierlak, Marti Ryan, and Frank Delaney. Melody has a passion for gaming, social psychology, media psychology, and media literacy. She has earned her BA in psychology from the University of Alaska Anchorage, recently completed her Master in Media Psychology and Social Change from Fielding Graduate University, and is currently pursuing her PhD in Media Psychology from Fielding. Melody specializes in social media website creation, transmedia design, gaming, storytelling, research/research analysis, and social marketing. To see samples of her work, including special projects, current clients, and her personal blog, visit her toolbox! ||::


ADN::|| Frank Delaney was crucial in the development of OMG’s original concept and has acted as a consultant for the company from the onset. Frank’s business experience is considerable, owning two independent businesses (Frozen Steel Productions and Frozen Circuit Technologies). Frank serves as OMG’s information technologies consultant and web host. He has a Masters of Information Technologies, and has recently received his MFA in Theatre Performance from Western Illinois University. Frank’s acting resume can be found on his personal website, and he can be seen in the feature length film ‘Christmas with a Capital C‘ on Netflix. ||::


~Special Thanks~

Marti and Crystal were instrumental in the design of OMG. Though they are no longer with OMG, they hold a special place in our hearts.


::|| Marti Ryan was instrumental in website analysis, contract consultancy, and creative media use. Not only has Marti earned a Masters in Media Psychology and Social Change from Fielding Graduate University, she also has indispensable foresight. Marti has a vast array of skills including graphic design, vlogging, and music video directing/producing, and has just released her latest album which can be found at NashGirl01. ||::


::|| Crystal Cierlak was invaluable during web and company design, creating OMG’s logo and a host of other graphic art, as well as during the development of the OMG brand and implementation. Crystal recently received her Masters in Media Psychology and Social Change at Fielding Graduate University, and has recently published her first fictional novel, Zoe Thanatos, which can be found (along with Crystal’s blog and other projects) at Crystal Cierlak.  ||::